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Frequently Asked Questions...

What to expect
-kids, chairs and towels everywhere!
-parents cheering on all the kids from all positions around the pool
-kids in the tent area with friends, hanging out playing games, waiting for their events
-food (dinner and snacks) and drinks available at concessions, or pack a picnic
-new friends and a great time for kids and parents alike, as we get to know each other thru the season!

-kids basically have a tailgate under the team tent while parents bond on deck. 

What to bring
-swim cap
-clothing (may occasionally need a sweatshirt for evenings)
-dinner/healthy snacks
-water bottle
-money for concessions
-games, headphones, etc (though remember: stuff gets wet!)
-sun block
-bug spray

Coaches determine which events a swimmer will swim in. Each swimmer may participate in up to 3 individual events plus relays. Events are as follows:

Ages 8 & under and 9/10 (Boys & Girls)
100 m Medley Relay
25 m Freestyle (short free)
100 m Individual Medley
25 m Breaststroke
50 m Freestyle (long free)
25 m Backstroke
25 m Butterfly
100 m Free Relay

Ages 11/12, 13/14, 15-18 (Boys & Girls)
200 m Medley Relay
50 m Freestyle (short free)
100 m Individual Medley
50 m Breaststroke
100 m Freestyle (long free)
50 m Backstroke
50 m Butterfly
200 m Free Relay

Note new in 2019, there is a new relay added that includes one girl from each age group. This is event 81, but it will swim near event 40 ( mid meet). This swim is a selection by the couches and does not count against the personal event swim counts. The equivalent boys event is #82 and will swim just after 81.  The same rules apply. 

Other information
Swimmers and Parent Volunteers must inform coach or SAIL rep at least 1 week in advance if they are unable to attend a meet. For purposes of entries and coordination with the other swim team, we need to know if you will miss a meet NO LATER than NOON on the MONDAY before that meet. Illness is of course unavoidable, and we will deal with unplanned absences when they happen.

Meets start at 6 pm (except for divisionals). Warm up times are typically at 5:35pm for away meets and 5:15pm for home meets, unless otherwise notified. Therefore, try to arrive by 5pm for home meets and 5:15 for away meets to get parked and settled in.

After Thursday morning practice, when a meet is scheduled, swimmers must stay out of sun for remainder of day up until time of meet.

Swimmers are responsible for reporting to their event on time. Kids need to pay attention in the designated “tent area” (where team sits) and be listening for their event and name to be called. The tent parent and coaches will have the heat sheets (which lists all swimmers and events in order) and other heat sheets will be posted for parents and swimmers to check in what events a swimmer will participate.

Swimmers must stay with their team in the designated tent area during the meet when not swimming. They should not wander far or be sitting on the pool deck.

Do not leave the meet without checking with a coach or the tent parent first! Your child may be scheduled for a relay event at the end of the meet.

Coaches have the authority to dismiss a swimmer from a meet for unruly behavior, failure to comply, or disrespect.

Swimmers are responsible for cleaning up the team area at both home and away meets.

And….. many nights after a long, crazy meet, what could be better than a slushy drink or ice cream! Many Thursday nights we meet at Sonic (typically in Mauldin) to hang out and decompress- all invited!!!

We probably said it before, but it will always thunderstorm on Thursday evenings. That said, we rarely cancel meets or practices in advance. Swim meets (and practices) can and will take place in the rain, but there will be a storm delay in the event of lightning and thunder. Typically this means we try to wait out the quick summer storms to get a meet in because they are very hard to reschedule and rarely made up if they are cancelled. Everyone’s safety is paramount and if we see lightning or hear thunder there will be a 30 min delay after the last sighting. 

Occasionally we have a cool rainy morning or a morning thunderstorm that may interfere with swim practice. Please check your email in the morning for information in these cases.

Team swimsuits are not required to purchase, but are encouraged for team unity. Parents will order the swimsuits directly off of the website: http://www.kiefer.com/teams/KWPR You will first need to create an account on the website. Once you do, and you ensure you are on the Team Page (KWPR), you should see the three team suits (one girls suit, and two boys suits). Prices with team discount (shown in red) are $25.77 for girls suit and $21.57 for the boys suit (not including tax and S&H). IF the price does NOT come up with red the team discount, try to logout and log back in again.

Concessions for Home Meets
For our home meets, we ask families to help provide items to be sold at the concessions stand during the meet. Typically this means bringing 2L drinks and/or a snack/dessert type item with you to the home meets. Look for an email during the week of the home meet to see what each of us is asked to bring.

This is our last meet as a team for the season where all the teams in Gold division come together for one last hurrah. Typically this day can run approx. 8am-3pm. More information about divisionals (as well as championships and classics) will be forthcoming as we reach the end of the season.

Special Events
Typically coaches and SAIL reps will try to organize a few special events or outings during the season. In addition, many fun activities take place during the week leading up to divisionals, including a “Pasta Pump” dinner toward the end of that week for families and swimmers. Please check your email regularly during swim season!!

For your decision to participate in Knollwood/Planter’s Row Swim Team this season! We are looking forward to another GREAT season! If there are areas that are in need of improvement, or you have questions or concerns at any time, please don’t hesitate to talk to a coach or a SAIL rep. We are always looking to better organize and strengthen KWPR for the sake of all our families!

Your KWPR SAIL Reps and Coaches

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